Saturday, January 4, 2014

On the floor of the Throne Room with Papa ....

I write this, not for you, but for me.  To remember what happened.  Years ago, a brother prophesied to me that I would see what others have seen and hear what others have heard.  Today, I realized that some of the "others" are already in Heaven.  It is never too late to receive Heavenly deposits - anointings and impartations.  God is not bound by time or space, and since we, believers, are seated with Him in the Heavenlies, our Home is more there than it is here.
I simply went Home this morning for awhile to spend carpet time with Papa in the Throne Room!  Jesus led me in there, and I am so GLAD that Papa no longer stays seated on His Throne when I come to see Him!  We walk around, go places, experience the wonders of life together.
Today, He got down on the floor with me and we were face-to-face.
Aware of my prophetic promise spoken to me years ago, I asked Papa if He would introduce me to people whom I would like to receive from/follow after, if you will.  His "yes" was to simply take me by the hand.  All of a sudden, Kathryn Kuhlman is standing in front of me and she is wearing her beautifully flowing white gown.  "I like to wear these because they remind me of the angels!"  Kathryn touched my hair with one hand and smiled.
Then I saw myself crouching down behind Moses.  He was on a mountain.  "Always go after the MORE," he said to me as he took hold of my hand.
Then I saw David playing a harp.  He let me stick my finger in to pluck a string.
Then, I saw my own earthly Dad.  That is when I began to weep.  Dad said to me, as he held my feet in his hands, "My feet don't hurt anymore.  Yours will never have to hurt."

To say the least, I stood in bathroom where I was when this encounter took place, and I just cried.

Then, it was just Papa God and me on the floor of the Throne Room, and I told Him that I always want to feel this close to Him.  He said to me, "Whenever you minister My Love to others, you will sense My Presence.  You will see Me."

I was ready to leave the Throne Room and I looked for Jesus to escort me out.  He was facing me but He was engulfed in fire.  I stepped into the fire and right into Him.  Stepping back, Jesus stepped into me.  One.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This sounds like an intense and beautiful moment.