Saturday, January 4, 2014

On the floor of the Throne Room with Papa ....

I write this, not for you, but for me.  To remember what happened.  Years ago, a brother prophesied to me that I would see what others have seen and hear what others have heard.  Today, I realized that some of the "others" are already in Heaven.  It is never too late to receive Heavenly deposits - anointings and impartations.  God is not bound by time or space, and since we, believers, are seated with Him in the Heavenlies, our Home is more there than it is here.
I simply went Home this morning for awhile to spend carpet time with Papa in the Throne Room!  Jesus led me in there, and I am so GLAD that Papa no longer stays seated on His Throne when I come to see Him!  We walk around, go places, experience the wonders of life together.
Today, He got down on the floor with me and we were face-to-face.
Aware of my prophetic promise spoken to me years ago, I asked Papa if He would introduce me to people whom I would like to receive from/follow after, if you will.  His "yes" was to simply take me by the hand.  All of a sudden, Kathryn Kuhlman is standing in front of me and she is wearing her beautifully flowing white gown.  "I like to wear these because they remind me of the angels!"  Kathryn touched my hair with one hand and smiled.
Then I saw myself crouching down behind Moses.  He was on a mountain.  "Always go after the MORE," he said to me as he took hold of my hand.
Then I saw David playing a harp.  He let me stick my finger in to pluck a string.
Then, I saw my own earthly Dad.  That is when I began to weep.  Dad said to me, as he held my feet in his hands, "My feet don't hurt anymore.  Yours will never have to hurt."

To say the least, I stood in bathroom where I was when this encounter took place, and I just cried.

Then, it was just Papa God and me on the floor of the Throne Room, and I told Him that I always want to feel this close to Him.  He said to me, "Whenever you minister My Love to others, you will sense My Presence.  You will see Me."

I was ready to leave the Throne Room and I looked for Jesus to escort me out.  He was facing me but He was engulfed in fire.  I stepped into the fire and right into Him.  Stepping back, Jesus stepped into me.  One.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How long can it take to figure out how to upload photos?

One needs to have great amounts of time for trial and error research on how to upload photos to blog posts….. Have I discovered the answer? Let's see. LOVE MY KIDS!

ON a cold winter's night, buried under at least a foot of snow outside, my children have managed to create a fabulous fort in the living room while I type away here at the kitchen table.

Now, if I can just figure out how to take a photo from my phone, you can see Michael in THE FORT…..

Well, maybe another time.

Happy New Year!

Never a better time than the present to write….

We had a happy dinner together with Jerry and Terry Crawford at Olive Garden Wednesday night!  Jessa Perez was so kind to babysit our three children.., and she gave them a FUN evening they will remember! So much to be thankful for. It is extremely cold outside but I can feel the heat rising within as Papa God stirs the atmosphere with His Love! Love heats up the atmosphere around us! Love changes everything. Love is active, energetic, persistent, invasive! Love invades the lonely places and pulls people out of darkness and into families. LOVE increases JOY. LOVE finds creative ways to solve problems!
How amazing is connection time with friends. One's outlook on life is completely altered. Life is good.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Restoring True Hope

This morning I awoke long before the family and came down to my kitchen.  Even the dog continued to sleep.  I picked up three books that I am in the middle of reading and read a portion from each one: @Joe McIntyre "Throne Life," @Sean Feucht "Fuel for the Burning Heart," and @Steve Backlund "Possessing JOY." 
I closed my eyes and looked for Jesus.  He made me to lie down near a quiet stream of water - so comfortable....  He placed a blanket over me and then Jesus put His Hand upon my back and said, "I have you covered and I AM removing 'false hope' from you."
My response:
"YOU [Jesus] are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your Word...."  "Uphold me according to Your Word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope."  (Psalm 119: 114, 116)
Give me a right understanding of YOUR Word, Lord, and I know that I will not be ashamed because I will be restored to TRUE HOPE that comes from standing on Your Word.
I present to You a heart this morning that is listening and thankful.... 
I find it interesting that this is the first day of 2014.  May it be earmarked by a deeper grounding in the Word led by the Spirit of God!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Fireworks Begin! December 31, 2013

The Fireworks begin!



My daughter awakens to ask, “Who is shooting their guns?”  Sounding more like sonic booms outside, the City of Rochester celebrates the approaching New Year from the bridge over the Genessee River.  My mind is on tomorrow and what it will look like.  NEW DAY, NEW DAY reverberating.  What will the NEW DAY hold for us as a family of five?  Luggage stacked upon luggage, flights and airports, camping and mosquito repellent, bottled water.  Every ounce of me is looking forward to the great crossing over into days of MORE HEAVEN ON EARTH, more love in my heart, more pouring out together as a family alongside others to feed the poor and raise the hopes of the downtrodden.  Where will homeschooling my children fit into this action-packed year?  What kind of assistance will we have to accomplish it all?  Not many answers but lots of anticipation!  Internal fireworks are going off as I contemplate 2014 for the Lawsons.  JESUS, carry me!

Monday, December 30, 2013

"If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land" -- Isaiah 1:19.

The good of the land was meant for our provision and enjoyment, fully satisfying and richly rewarding God's Son or Daughter with one caveat - the willingness to walk through the open doors He puts before us, our obedience to listen to Papa's Voice and say what He says, do what He does. 

Isaiah 1:19 is one of my life verses, if you will, that I am repeatedly drawn to ponder.  It holds promise for me because it refers more to position of heart and attitude than anything else.  If God were saying I needed to be an expert at something in order to eat the good of the land, I'd be disheartened.  However, He is saying that I am qualified for the MORE merely by being willing to turn my attention to His Voice and by obeying what I hear Him say.
Sounds easy, but there are those distractions....  The busyness of the hour turns my head.  My agenda sometimes is as trivial as buying groceries and a visit to the gas station yet it can easily harness my thoughts to the mundane, necessary tasks.  The good of the land?  Have I even "seen" it yet?  Is there a measure to this that one wades into deeper and deeper as one gets better at listening and obeying?  I think so.
So maybe those forefathers in the faith were not living under the law when they awakened each day much earlier than I do just to spend time with God.  They were doing something much more valuable than putting their 'quiet time' into some bank account.  How trite of me to put it that way but when the 24/7 demands of family life drain me of energy, I am so quick to forget that the real fortification comes not from extra sleep but rather from extra time in the secret place with Jesus.
My first goal, and we're talking in the realm of living hour by hour in the daylight, should be to get myself happy in God.  Good morning, Papa!  Good morning, Jesus!  Good morning Holy Spirit!  And then my second goal should be to stay happy in God ALL DAY LONG even if that means throwing the proverbial apron over my head ten times in a day.  My very best I have to give someone else is never going to come from my own intellect, my wealth of experience over the years, or my training. 
Let's call it 'self-syncing' with the Triune God as I present my mind, body and emotions to Him and receive His Presence each morning. 
Giving our best to God is what we are called to "do," and that comes from stopping for the One - Jesus - and allowing Him to saturate us with His Presence.  It is only through my union with Christ that I hear His Voice and am even able to desire to be obedient to follow....  Union with Christ. 
Not so hard.  I was crucified with Christ and now it is Christ who lives in me.  It is Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.  But we leak.  Life wears on us.  WE are no different than Jesus during His 33 years of man-life on earth.  He took time to be with the Father constantly.
This isn't a treatise as you can tell.  More a rambling, but I am determined to think out loud in order to arrive at a better personal understanding of my life verse.  I believe that 'the good of the land,' also possibly equivalent to the thought of living in season of abundance is a personal choice to live in union with Christ.  HE is the good of the land.  He is the open door.  I choose to step into Him and live in His realm of reality.  Better are a few morsels with the peace of Christ ruling in my heart than to sit before a table laden with a rich man's food but restricted by the futile confines of this world's thoughts.
I'm still pondering....  Have you ever read verse 20 of that passage?  It is not quite as pleasant.